Where To Trade Your Steemish Even Though I Think You Should Hodl That Stish And Exactly How To Do It.

For now Steemish is a new ERC-20 Protocol Token. One day we will be listed on a major exchange but that might take some time and alot more funding as most of the good ones want to see 3-4 Bitcoin before listing any token on their exchange. We will keep growing and we will get there.

But what if you needed to cash out your Steemish because you just had to do so? How would you do that? What if you want to buy some Stish to support our growing platform, how would you do that?

You will need a few things to get started to make this happen for now.

You will need Google Chrome With Meta Mask Installed or Parity. You can get these from their respected websites.

You will need to visit Radex The Super Exchange With The Lowest Fees I Have Ever Seen!- I usually have my meta mask already on the Ethereum wallet that I will be using. They have the easiest guide and interface too. https://forum.rados.io/t/how-to-use-radex-step-by-step-tutorial/104

It will be loaded with some Ethereum. https://etherscan.io this website comes in handy also to check transactions etc…You will also need https://www.myetherwallet.com/. I use meta mask to connect to myetherwallet.com to see my new ICO tokens or tokens not yet listed.

Here is a quick video about seeing custom tokens that would apply to us or any other ERC-20 Token that is verified…

Three Things You Will Also Need:

  1. The Actual Ethereum Contract Address –


  2. The Name Of The Token – Steemish
  3. The Decimals – 0 (Zero was selected because of the crazy fees)



Once you have some Ethereum Added To Your Wallet Which You Can Buy Quick At Coinbase and we both get $10. One thing I love about Coinbase is their guides are helpful for new folks. One thing not cool is that they do not handle ERC20 Tokens yet through their wallet addresses. I look at their wallet addresses as temporary as they generate new ones when I need them.  When you need them would be when you are sending Ethereum to them so that maybe you can cashout. So you would get a receive address and send your Bitcoin, To A Bitcoin only receive address, or Ethereum to an Ethereum Only receive address.

Another Time You Would Need It Is After You Bought Some Ethereum and You Want To Send It To Your Meta Mask or MyEtherWallet Address. You would use the send function then. Pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

Below After You Have Ethereum From Either Coinbase or Even At The Bottom Of The SteemThat.com Home Page You Can Buy Ethereum from Changelly Too By The Way, You can see that you can easily place an order to buy Steemish and at what price. So the order book will fill up and people can make trades using the decentralized platform. Which is pretty cool!




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If we get listed with Radex and a user has meta mask everything is automated. Take a look and see for yourself. This would be an easy exchange for people to learn to use to trade Steemish. The easiest yet I think.. https://exchange.rados.io

9 months ago

This is very fantastic and am glad to be part of this movement. Yes, you heard that right..Movement!

7 months ago

Ich werde die Tage auf jeden Fall Stish kaufen. Wünsche allen hier großen Erfolg. Super Projekt

7 months ago