The Deal is We play The Steemit Way at Steemit and nothing else.

Step Two:

Duma Sari did 4 comments, a comment each for Her 4 posts.

She UpVoted all Her comments.


I then showed Her immediately the rewards She is getting 7 days from Her first 4 posts from The Steemit Ongoing Reward Pool System.

To Her shocked, She never had such a lot of rewards before this.

I told Her there is more coming. In Dyadic Game Plan, two can earn reward after reward, and more reward next reward and reward again more.

There are about 50 activities at Steemit where each in a Dyad can earn from @steemit # steemit

To Be Continued, Step Three.


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@dumasari says @zublizainordin #zublizainordin you are amazing, thank you so much for showing me amazing way the steemit way, and now guiding me in stishit too #dumasari

7 months ago

@zublizainordin Yes Dumasari @dumasari #dumasari together We shall grow and rise at @steemit #steemit and @stishit #stishit affirms #zublizainordin

7 months ago