In Step Three


I wrote 4 posts at @steemit #steemit.

I UpVote all 4 posts of Mine.

I wrote 4 Comments, each comment per post of Mine, all 4 posts.

I UpVote all My 4 Comments.


At Minute 31 I UpVoted all 4 posts By Duma Sari.

I wrote 4 Comments, a comment each of Her post.

I UpVoted My own Comments There.


Duma Sari did the same to all My 4 posts at Steemit.


Know the question is can We stand the showers of Rewards from the Steemit Ongoing Rewards System in 7 days time, and We have more activities to do for earning Rewards from Steemit.

To Be continued, Step Four.

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