Zubli Zainordin Introudcing Steemy Krypto Bank to Help Steemians Grow During 3 Stages of Blogging at Steemit

First stage is darkness.

I know no Steemian, and no Steemian know Me.

At this time the most needed is STEEM and SBD support. The Best of My experiences at Steemit, no one Steemian will transfer even if $ 0.001 is most I shall cherish for that amount is needed.

Stage Two let there be light

I engage with a few Steemians who embraced STEEM and SteemDollars like there is no parting between the Steemian and the Cryptonizationness.

Stage Three Are You Sure There is Light here..?

Confirmed. Not only Me. And reports I received from other Steemians in touch with Me, no Steemian at Steemit can ever loan to Them even $ 1.00 SBD. Planning Other Steemians to Transfer $ 10.00 SBD is a joke and spiced with laughter. Making faces turned pinkish red in shyness.

The Ultimate Stage.

Now Ladies and Gentlemen… This is The Light.

I started, appointed a Gavernor, and launched the Steemy Krypto Bank.



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