Zubli Zainordin Launched Program Sekayuh Steemians After Found Steemian Duma Sari A Dyadic Game Play At Steemit

As I have pointed out a Solo Steemian can earn rewards from the Steemit Ongoing Reward Pool System.

A Solo Steemian who found another Steemian forming a Dyad can double each other’s income earning from Steemit.

Yes, this is Grow and Steemians Growth all about.

Step One.

Duma Sari writes 4 posts, post 1 and 6 minutes later post 2, 6 minutes later post 3, and 6 minutes later post 4.

Although Expert advice not to UpVote Her own posts, I suggest to Her otherwise.

A post without any UpVote is not rewarded by Steemit.

Her previous posts are not UpVoted by many, instead too few.

She can choose not to UpVote Her own post when She has $ 100 SteemDollars in Her Wallet. But She has less then about $ 5.00 SBD.

To be continued… Step Two.

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