I only know one way the game is played at Steemit. That is after I read Steemit FAQ. Yes, Frequently Asked Questions.


Then I read the Dos and Donts posts written by the number 1 Steemian ranking at Steemit, plus tips shared by Steemians Reputation (60) and (70). What to do to Succeed. What not to do to Succeed at Steemit.com @steemit #steemit

So much vital and valuable Information in My Head. in My Mind a formation of Text I call it The Steemit Way.

When I trace Steemians at Reputation (25) up to (54) most do not know The Steemit Way. They play the Steemit game with a game plan Her or His own way. Or a renewal of  successful game plan when they were at other popular Centralized Social Media Networks and Platforms.

However Steemit is unique. Playing the game other than The Steemit might work and be successful, however many fail. The System is entirely different. It is like on a Basketball court, the rules and manner of playing shall not be Hockey.

Thus to help Steemians grow and excel I launched The Steemy Training Institute.


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This is fantastic. I have been working on Steemit Masterminds But Will Hold Off To See How You Do! Congratulations. Keep Up The Good Work!

7 months ago

Yes Eric Binkley @ZubliZainordin says, Forming Steemit Masterminds is the best step to Total Success at Steemit. I first heard of Masterminds after reading Napoleon Hill. 4 months ago I posted and started introducing Life Changing Books at Steemit. My own personal online Library at Steemit. https://steemit.com/zublizainordin/@zublizainordin/book-one-my-library-of-life-changing-books-at-steemit To start a Mastermind Team is quite easy. I further read and study W, Clement Stone. MasterMind Team

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7 months ago