I discovered that There are more than 50 Activities I can do in order to earn the Maximum Benefits from The Steemit Ongoing Reward Pool System.

I can do it alone, or with a Team.

Soon after the hottest pursuit to grow and be there and I am here. at Reputation 55.at Steemit.

I have nothing else to pursue.

I then made a promise to MySelf, and retired from Steemit.com @steemit #steemit.

Enough of Me only, and next more help and support for all Steemians at Steemit.

Zubli Zainordin Sedetik Sepetik Reputation (55) Dedikasi Kehidupan Membantu Semua Steemians di Steemit


Now that I am at SteemThat.com @stishit #stishit I shall dedicate My Life to support @binkley @binkley50 and the SteemThat Team to be on the Top Global Ranking List of Social Media Portals.

I shall share with You as to why I know I can do so…

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Together We can Uplift 750,000 Champions and more Steemians backstagepass

7 months ago

Wow Wow Wow! Thank you for writing such a wonderful piece.

7 months ago

Yes, Eric Binkley when I started writing at Steemit Day 1, I set MySelf to be one of the Top Quality Steemit Authors. says @zublizainordin and My earlier experience was at ezine.com I am A Platinum Level Expert Author. However, At Reputation (25) to (30) I got that notification of Bandwidth depletion. It took Me 40 days to recover. Soon after, if none can solve the Bandwidth situation there, I shall never advice newbies to do engagements, comment more, and reply every comments, Follow those who

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7 months ago