I dedicate this poem to all Members of SteemThat.com here registered since today

This is March a month of marching so why wait till May,
Begin today
If We are here to stay,
Steemit is the new exciting game to play,
Have a game plan while Eric Binkley and SteemThat Team support us all the way,
Some say,
There are many choices please choose one way,
Yes, My option and preference is the one way,
The only way,
at Steemit, The Steemit Way,
Are there any better way,
To uplift Our spirit so bright pure white but not gray,
Not black either but sweet smells We can all around spray.
Touching many Steemians with kindness projected wide such as a super ray,
Inviting the return if any would stray,
And Strenghthening Those who may feel at times likely to sway.
Show that SteemDollars and Stish on a larger tray,
Let us share some and more along the Steemit Causeway,
Transfer soon without delay,
Do it daily including Sunday,
Giving a freewill without asking for a repay,
As We all grow in Reputation rise in an awesome display,
Our presence realized at Steemit as the total success we continuously portray.

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Confirmed..! Eric Binkley @binkley50 ... What Steemit.com do Best... SteemThat.com does it Better. An Endorsement by this seasoned Blogger @zublizainordin #zublizainordin That is why I belief SteemThat can rank top at The Global List Ranking of Social Media Portals.

7 months ago

@dumasari says @zublizainordin #zublizainordin what a nice poet that impress me much (I'm sure others too) you are the best #dumasari

7 months ago

zublizainordin @zublizainordin #zublizainordin says You are a Poet Yourself Dumasari @dumasari #dumasari and You are the Best. You impress Me most.

7 months ago