Zubli Zainordin Proposing A Movie SteeMi sing Profits 50 % goes to Eric Binkley And SteemThat Team 50 % to Steemit Resteemers

A movie is a great move to collect Stish and SteemDollars. Profits from the movie fit to go 50 % to Eric Binkley and the SteemThat Team, and 50 % goes to Steemit Resteemers.

Steem and Missing.
SteeMi sing.
Oh boy (@Chris Booy) this is a mysterious sing.

Steemis ing – The Movie, Script and Directing By Zubli Zainordin


Steemians, one by one, go missing. Not only are They missing at the Steemit Sphere, but Missing from Their homes. Their wealth are being transfered to this Entity.

Yes, the year is 2030. Split is the name – a third Man, a third Woman, a third Robot, joined Steemit.com. Immediately becomes popular in the Steemians Amazing Community. Posts, followed by thousands. At Discords an Expert reference. Earnings of SteemDollars soar. Special ability Mastering loyal bots. Together They build a bridge between this World and the BlockChain Matrix.

Steemians using Computers, Lap Tops, Smartphones, who by accident clicked a button, are zapped into the BlockChain Black Hole via the bridge that Split and bots build.

Henry became intimate with Hanna, They are always @outwalking and They were in love. Suddenly Hanna is missing. Henry a Steemian Witness, now searching a way to bring Hanna out of the trap, and save thousands of Steemians trapped along with Her, by Split.

Will Henry be successful in His venture..?

Get Your SteemDollars and Stish ready, book Your tickets soon, and lets go to the movies…

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