I was Master Trainer Team Building for 5 years at Karisma Training Company, and another 5 years with AZ Smart Training and Consultancy.

Our Method is so unique and We were successful training CEOs and staff.

However, at Steemit.com @steemit #steemit getting 10 for a begin formation was not successful.

I thought then every Steemians play the game The Steemit Way. Little do I realize there are so many ways other than The Steemit Way.

I could not find one Steemian to work with. Mostly Steemians who agrees to uphold The Steemit Way but secretly play Her or His own Way, or other ways. Escaping My knowing so.

But I know. This is BlockChain, all are documented and nothing is hidden.

We agreed not to ask for Follow, UpVote, Comment, or Resteem. Our task is write top quality post.

I observe a Steemian doing it, to a level of begging for UpVote. He was cold shivering when I found out and He asked for option out.

Most Steemians up to this day still wondering How I know what they do, what they do not do.

Next, The Man in Black…


I launched after that Project 53.

Zubli Zainordin Points Out Your Steemit Indicator So Steemians shall always choose to Speak the Truth.



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Great idea, I have an idea. PM me and I will explain.

7 months ago

Thank You @outwalking.and @zublizainordin #zublizainordin asking where is that pm button. Mine is here https://www.facebook.com/zubli.zainordin

7 months ago