I do not go everywhere asking for Follower. I just be one of The Top Content Authors. Sharing Vital and Valuable Information. Those who see that, will Follow Me. And I do not have to Shout “If You Follow Me and I will surely Follow You.”


Steemit.com @steemit #steemit has done that for Me. Visitors to My Steemit Blog knows when They Follow Me and I will surely Follow back in reciprocity.

Here is proof.

At SteemThat I Follow a few and a few Follow Me. All Those who Follow Me, I visit Their Blogs daily. They each will always see, I leave a mark of My presence at every posts They published.


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I respect you very much @zublizainordin #zublizainordin

You help me grow at steemit.com @steemit #steemit and now I get reputation 45. Thank you

7 months ago

@dumasari says sometimes I wonder why there are people shout out "I have follow you please follow me back" orang Aceh bilang "PUREE SINGKEE" tapi saya tak minta pun #dumasari

7 months ago


7 months ago