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Let us suppose I give a Steemthatian A one Dollar. He keeps the cash.

Let us suppose I give a Steemthatian B one Dollar too. He spends the cash to buy a piece of bread. There is transfer and exchange happening.

The one who sold the bread then add another Dollar to the one Dollar He got from Steemthatian B and buy a piece of fried chicken.

The one who sold the piece of fried chicken than add another Dollar to buy a packet of butter.

The one who sold the packet of butter did not add any money and buys a plate of fresh cut Apples.

The activities go on and on.

See the difference between Steemian A and Steemian B.

Keeping and Spending.

… is the difference.

Although originally it is just one Dollar given to each Steemthatian. But the value is different.

Similarly when We keep Stish or Steemish, or We choose to transfer a few to other Steemians.

We see the difference in result.

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