Steemians thinking, “The more posts I write at Steemit, the more Steem and Steemdollars I gain.”

Not true, Expert advice Steemit only pays 4 posts published within a 24 hours period.

Advice without any solution.

But why the limit..? 4 posts paid only.

Expert answers, “To avoid spam.”

That is like honoring spammers and depriving super star Authors.

I remembered My lecturer wants to fail a paper I wrote giving it a “D-” because I enclosed 20 References. All papers he had written only has 4 References.

He met My roommate and asked. My roommate told him there are 3 libraries in campus. The Main Library, Faculty Library, and Our room.

I was a Bibliophile. As a speed reader and beginning to develop a Photographic Memory, I read a book per hour and about 10 books per day and per night.

I write as many as I read.

Why the 5th Post not paid..? I then proposed Find 5 Country Leaders, set up a Council, and build another Of course not to compete but buy all the Steemians 5th Posts.

In addition, pay rewards for Resteemers.

No leaders of Steemian Team, Group, Community took up My proposal. I kept quiet.

Suddenly, I know today…


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@dumasari says @zublizainordin #zublizainordin if no one took up your proposal "THERE" I Hope steem that will. #dumasari

7 months ago

@zublizainordin #zublizainordin says yes Dumasari @dumasari #dumasari SteemThat is the best Decentralized Social Media Portal to take this proposal up and be the Champion in Alexa Global List Ranking...

7 months ago