The first step to go Trending is choosing a Brand. Branding at Your Blog. With USP – a Unique Selling Proposition.

For this choose a name that benefit You most.


Place the name in the Title, the Text, and Tags.


Then increase positioning having the name known to all Steemians, all Steemthatians, and all Netizens Internet-wide.

The name is everywhere and at all Centralized and Decentralized Social Media Platforms.

The Talk within the Steem Heights and Structure.


Surrounding the name is 9 more Steemians-Steemthatians.

Each Member pool $ 1 SBD and 1 Steem to Increase Center 1. Voting Power. That is Day 1. After Day 10, Every Member is up in Voting Power SP and all gets 10 UpVotes.

Do that continuously and consistently.

10 Whales from Minnows on the move up at Steemit and SteemThat.

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