The day I joined @stishit #stishit it is news there at @steemit #steemit.

3rd of March 2018. I love the month of March, I am always Marching on.

They say, “Can we join SteemThat ..?” I said yes. Two already registered immediately and more to come.

The more to come are Individuals who do not speak or write in English. Except They do translation after drafting initially in Their language. They mostly daily write and post in Their native, Malaysian Malay, or Bahasa Aceh, Indonesia.

As of today They are and They are going to see English prominent here. However I know in the near future They will see Their own language here at

I am committed to make that happen.

Please observe Our logo and please meet the Super Class Stars Steemians. To be known here at as Aceh Aces Team.



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@dumasari says @zublizainordin #zublizainordin it's an honor for me to be a team and cooperate with you to support eric binkley and steem that team

7 months ago

@zublizainordin #zublizainordin says similarly Dumasari @dumasari #dumasari We shall continue to support those who support us in Eric Binkley and the SteemThat Team...

7 months ago