Earlier I wrote this

Zubli Zainordin Points Out Your Steemit Indicator So Steemians shall always choose to Speak the Truth.


Could He be a Man from the future..?

A Time Traveler..?

He knows My favorite Restaurant. He knows I am never on time. Always 15 minutes early to a meeting.

He then showed Me, “This box is a machine.”


He told Me, “Everything is documented. Except what is private. Nothing is erased. Everyone knows who and what is not the Truth. All lies, all cheating, all not being honest, are self-recorded, so everybody knows.”


For example, If I asked a Steemian to do a transfer. She or He said done. I checked, “None”.

I asked again, and a long story of no SBD to transfer.

I checked and see more than enough and more rewards pending coming in less than an hour.

Some Steemians do not know that any Steemian can click see Her or His wallet. Steemd here and Viz there, all are known.

Asked again, and the Steemian is gone..!

Next, I launched Projek 53.

*Helping Steemian grow in Reputation up to 53.

*Double Her or His Upvotes per post.

*Make Her or His Wallet thicker.

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